Employment Opportunities

Tower Technician

Tower technicians maintain electronic equipment both at the bottom and the top of the tower (or other structure). The technologies involved are Fiber Optic, DC and AC electric, Radio Frequency and other electronic type devices. Tower Technicians must use advanced electronic skills and equipment to identify and correct issues that degrade or prevent the client’s equipment from properly functioning. RF sweep equipment, PIM testers, DMM meters, Watt meters, Oscilloscopes, Fiber Optic OTDR and power measurement equipment, RDF and Fiber cleaning and connectorizing equipment and sound troubleshooting skills are required to be a successful Tower Technician.

Our TIA Inspectors

Our TIA Inspectors audit and inspect communication structures and their surrounding compounds. Inspectors prepare, submit and upload detailed reports on a daily basis. The audit, using excel, provides the tower owner with an accurate inventory and pictures of all equipment mounted on their tower. The inspection provides the tower owner with documentation and photographs of the tower with an emphasis on anything compromising the safety of the area surrounding the tower and anything compromising the integrity of the tower itself. Proper performance of these comprehensive inspections require the inspector, in addition to performing a detailed visual inspection of the entire tower, to use tools and accurately interpret data gathered from tools. These tools include surveying instruments, tension meters, laser range finders and ultrasound. Our inspectors travel most of the calendar year and must be physically capable of climbing towers which can range in heights up to 500 ft. Our two main teams average 2 to 3 structures per day.

A&L Technician

A&L (Antenna and line) Technicians perform the installation and commissioning of new transmission lines (Coax or Fiber Optic) on tower and other antenna support structures. Usually assigned to new construction projects, these professionals can also be called upon to assist with other operations as well.

Minimum employment requirements for the above positions include:

  • Willingness to travel and work in the field for up to 4 weeks at a time.
  • Possession of or ability to obtain Tower Climber/Fall Protection/ Rescuer Certification or equivalent certification.
  • Ability to climb heights in excess of 500 feet
  • Ability to read & comprehend Construction Drawings
  • Computer skills- basic understanding of MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Streets
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Organized with strong attention to detail
  • Self-starter, team player, result oriented
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record in order to be insurable and able to operate a company vehicle.

All candidates must be able to pass the following to be considered for job placement:

  • Pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Criminal Background Check

To apply, Please download the application (pdf), fill out and return to employement@pcrg.net